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SHANG XIA launches streetwear collection – “Da Ri Yue”

“Hip”, “trendy”, “urban”. These are the words we’ve seen all over news and media these days. But are those trends really considered as a kind of culture? And how do we turn those fleeting trends into something more permanent?

“Shun” sneaker

“Da Ri Yue” is a collective concept born under Jiang Qiong Er, independent artist Demos Yu-bou Chiang, and various trendsetters from different industries. It’s made from their unique perspectives and inputs on street fashion.

“Da Ri Yue” brings us items with strong visual impact. Bold, edgy street fashion meets profound, reserved traditional Chinese culture; trendy styles meet traditional elements - delivering hip, youthful clothing, with a cultural twist.

“Museum” T-shirt

“Da Ri Yue” collection echoes SHANG XIA’s iconic series, “Da Tian Di”. The sun and the moon together in Chinese characters make up the word “tomorrow”, giving this series a concept of time, cycle and hope. “Da Ri Yue” sends a message of cultural heritage and fashion repeating itself.


We’re able to get a sneak peek of some of “Da Ri Yue” items, among which are “Shun” limited edition sneakers, jewelry, and T-Shirt pieces. All items in this collection have panda inspired logos, with SHANG XIA’s logo cleverly blended in.


Available starting August 2020, SHANG XIA’s streetwear collection “Da Ri Yue” is here to boost your wardrobe game. Check out their accounts on various social media platforms for more information.