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SHANG XIA “XiPi Lacquer Heaven and Earth Lidded Box” Becomes a Permanent Collection of the British Museum

The SHANG XIA "Xi Pi Lacquer Heaven and Earth Lid Box" has been collected permanently by the British Museum. The object was exhibited in the China and South Asia Hall of the Museum. SHANG XIA CEO and Artistic Director Ms. Jiang Qiong Er attended the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech with the theme of Innovation of Traditional Artisanship. The British Museum expressed that, "We hope to join hands with SHANG XIA, while strengthening ties with Chinese contemporary design, to explore and promote pieces Made in China representing marvelous contemporary artifacts." The permanent collection of SHANG XIA "Xi Pi Lacquer Heaven and Earth Lid Box" not only indicates a milestone in the development of the brand, but also marks Chinese contemporary art on the world stage. 

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