Every SHANGXIA boutique is a unique space. The SHANGXIA tone and style remain the same, but each boutique has its own charms as well.

Architect Kengo Kuma’s design for the SHANGXIA Beijing boutique is a mature reflection on the historic city of Beijing, with its serried city walls. The designer has evolved a combination of rhythms and aesthetics using geometric patterns of bricks of masonry, aluminum, tea and wood.

Recurring I-beam sections form complete semi-solid partitions. In the space between them, our name is subtly evoked: the upper (SHANG) and the lower (XIA). As with the hexagonal motif in the Shanghai boutique, the aluminum partition was custom made for SHANGXIA. The structure is finely detailed, with nearly 20,000 I-shaped sections. The partitions took nearly 1,000 hours of labor to produce, with every join hand-finished.

A high-tech material, illuminated by lights, turns crystalline and pure, like seeing a sky palace above cirrus clouds. The partitions are a site of confluence, communication and dialog between the inner and the outer, up and down, past and present, tradition and modernity.

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