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January 2017

The Tradition of Juxtaposition, Uniquely Expressed Unveiling SHANG XIA’s Beijing SKP Pop-up Concept Store

In January 2017, SHANG XIA, the contemporary brand for Chinese fine living, is opening an all-new Beijing SKP pop-up concept store, inviting guests from around the world to share in the beauty that exists in each and every moment.

SHANG XIA aims for each of its retail spaces to be its own unique entity, approaching the construction of each store in the same manner as it would a work of art. This philosophy ensures that each space not only conveys SHANG XIA’s familiar feel and ambience, but is also a paragon of the SHANG XIA aesthetic of differentiated style and unique refinement, thereby offering its own surprising experience to guests.

SHANG XIA’s Beijing SKP pop-up store is located on the first floor of the SKP Mall, and is designed with exquisitely simple, juxtaposed rectangular and circular elements that combine to form a natural and extremely contemporary artistic space. The store’s dimensions are rectangular, while its decorations are circular, symbolizing the profound dynamism of sky and earth; this juxtaposition of disparate elements ensures that all design features are cleverly and distinctly displayed. SHANG XIA’s striking shade of red adorns much of the outer wall, as do ink paintings from the artist Pan Xi, producing a traditional and poignant beauty that serves to enhance the store’s overall contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic. 

A circular counter formed from a set of pure-white display stands greets visitors in the middle of the store’s space. SHANG XIA’s home-centered creations are exhibited on top of this counter, which also serves as a table for the appreciation and sampling of fine tea. SHANG XIA hopes that the store’s carefully designed works of art fully extoll and aid in the imagination of a refined contemporary lifestyle; in helping us to pause, relax our breathing, and appreciate “This Moment”, these exquisite items provide a medium through which the beauty of life can be discovered.

SHANG XIA’s Beijing SKP store will hold regular art exhibitions, handicraft workshops, tea ceremonies and other interactive activities. By sharing these fascinating experiences with guests in a fun, joyful manner that evokes the power of inheritance, SHANG XIA seeks to convey the wonder that is every moment of life. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, SHANG XIA has specially designed a New Year’s festive Garden Fun Fête that will be held within the SKP Mall and will feature festive lights and riddles, group pictures, and lively and interesting “courtyard activities”. In these “garden” activities, traditional culture and customs passed down from antiquity will be fused with contemporary cosmopolitan living, accomplishing a fascinating dialogue between tradition and modernity.

SHANG XIA Beijing SKP looks forward to the arrival of both new and old friends to share in the exquisite simplicity of the lifestyle art that is SHANG XIA.




SHANG XIA Beijing SKP Pop-up Concept Store

Address: First and Third Floors of Beijing SKP (Inside China Central Place, Northeast Corner of Dawangqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing).


SHANG XIA New Year’s Garden Fun Fête

“Flying Chair Crush” and Cashmere-felt Handicraft Workshop

Dates: 01/05/2017-02/07/2017

Address: Fourth Floor K Corridor, Beijing SKP (Inside China Central Place, Northeast Corner of Dawangqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing)



Lantern Riddle Games and Shan Shui Wonderland

Address: First Floor Middle Courtyard, Beijing SKP (Inside China Central Place, Northeast Corner of Dawangqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing)


Dates: 02/07/2017-02/26/2017

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