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LAN YUE bags

"We both are exalted to distant thought, Aspiring to the sky and the bright moon." Li Bai (Tang Dynasty)

In 2014, SHANG XIA created the first 'Lan Yue' handbag inspired by one of the masterpieces of Chinese design - the humble bamboo basket. Textured, sculpted leather emulates the grain and structure of the traditional bamboo basket, a contemporary derivation bearing age-old oriental style.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, SHANG XIA brings the lushness of cashmere to the 'Lan Yue' handbags, along with a plethora of colours to suit any personality and occasion. 

These include SHANG XIA's red and sable, and the new series of tones inspired by the murals of  Dunhuang: chrysanthemum yellow, turquoise, Satsuma, peach pink, aqua green and beige. A signature design incorporating the two characters 'Shang' and 'Xia' is embroidered by hand into the cashmere.